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History Will be the Judge: Fidel Castro, 1926-2016 PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Tariq Ali   
Domingo, 27 de Noviembre de 2016 18:34


Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader of revolution, has died aged 90. Here is an extract from Tariq Ali‘s introduction to The Declarations of Havana, Verso’s collection of Castro’s speeches.

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Why is Obama Ignoring Pleas to Release Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera? PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Matt Peppe / CounterPunch   
Jueves, 02 de Junio de 2016 17:39


"The fact that Oscar López Rivera still sits unjustly in a prison cell is proof that the voices of Puerto Ricans simply do not matter to first-class American citizens on the mainland who hold power".

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The New Wave of Repression in Puerto Rico PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Carmelo Ruiz / CounterPunch   
Viernes, 06 de Mayo de 2016 15:23


On April 20 the FBI detained Puerto Rican pro-independence activist Orlando González-Claudio. He was driving his car along the Caribbean island nation’s Route 2 when several US government vehicles intercepted him and forced him to stop.

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Committee for Puerto Rico at the United Nations: Puerto Rico update! Bulletin PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Olga I. Sanabria Dávila / Copronu   
Lunes, 02 de Mayo de 2016 00:41


«Ten years after a paralyzing recession and an unpayable debt of US$70 billion, Puerto Rico faces an unprecedented crisis which threatens to bring down the institutional foundations of this Caribbean nation, under United States colonial rule ever since it was ceded by Spain as a result of the Treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish American War in 1898.»

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Puerto Rico: A "Junta" By Any Other Name PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Miguel A. Cruz Díaz   
Sábado, 30 de Abril de 2016 03:37


Empire is once again fashionable. The financial crisis that is presently gutting the island of Puerto Rico plays out like the world’s worst case of botched assisted suicide.

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