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José López, brother of Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar, to speak in Holyoke PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Michelle Williams   
Martes, 29 de Marzo de 2016 21:47


HOLYOKE -- A Puerto Rican activist will speak in the city Monday regarding the Puerto Rican independence movement and identity outside of the island. José López is a Puerto Rican activist based in Chicago and the brother of Oscar López Rivera.


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Obama in Havana - A Long Time Coming... PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Margarita Alarcón   
Jueves, 17 de Marzo de 2016 09:00


When President Barack Obama visits Havana next week, his will be the first and only visit to the island by a sitting U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge came here during the roaring twenties, just a year before the stock market crash in 1929.

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How the United States will STEAL Puerto Rico…a second time PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Nelson A. Denis   
Lunes, 15 de Febrero de 2016 14:24


The United States is preparing to rule over Puerto Rico through a “Financial Control Board.” U.S. Congressman Jeffrey D. Duncan – Chairman of the House Committee on the Western Hemisphere – is demanding this Financial Control Board right now, immediately, “for the good of the Puerto Rican people.”


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Free Oscar López Rivera, NOW! PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Workers World   
Martes, 05 de Enero de 2016 07:09


The Dec. 31 New York Times editorial titled “Mr. Obama’s Trickle of Mercy” sharply criticized Barack Obama’s miserly use of the presidential clemency process, which has only released 95 federal prisoners who were serving “absurdly long” prison sentences.

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Move Gitmo Prisoners to Puerto Rico? PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Marc Joffe, The Fiscal Times   
Lunes, 04 de Enero de 2016 16:27


The Obama Administration is struggling to find a cost effective way to shift Guantanamo Bay detainees to prisons on the U.S. mainland. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is struggling through an unprecedented fiscal and economic crisis. These two problems could create a unique policy opportunity: to save federal taxpayer dollars and boost the Puerto Rican economy, move the detainees to the Commonwealth rather than to the mainland U.S.

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