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Nonpayment: Who's the real debtor? PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Héctor L. Pesquera Sevillano / Co-President of MINH   
Jueves, 24 de Diciembre de 2015 06:18


A lot has been said about the debt of more than $70 billion Puerto Rico owes to  investors, but how much does Washington owe us for obligating us to use the United States Merchant Marine for a century, the most expensive and inefficient in the world? The most conservative figures show an annual additional cost of some $500 million for using the Merchant Marine to transport our food.

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"Meeting a Man Like That, You Can't Help Wanting to Do More": A Visit With Political Prisoner Oscar López Rivera PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Jan Susler / Truthout   
Martes, 08 de Diciembre de 2015 08:21


Oscar López Rivera has served 34 years in US prisons for seditious conspiracy - in other words, for his commitment to the independence of Puerto Rico - though he wasn't convicted of hurting or killing anyone. Since 1898, when the US militarily invaded and occupied Puerto Rico, there hasn't been a single decade in which there hasn't been an independentista imprisoned. But it is unusual that López Rivera has served so many years - longer by far than any other Puerto Rican independentista in history, longer than his codefendants, longer than offenders convicted of violence and longer than the 27 years served by the world's most renowned political prisoner, Nelson Mandela.


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Crisis and Colonialism in Puerto Rico PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Olga I. Sanabria Dávila / COPRONU   
Lunes, 26 de Octubre de 2015 03:17


It used to be the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico was touted as the Showcase of Progress and Democracy in the Caribbean as a result of its accelerated industrialization, the development of its infrastructure, education and health systems and a constitutional system of government in the 1950s and 60s.

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Open Letter to President Barack Obama of the United States of America PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por Cuban Barbadian Friendship Association   
Martes, 06 de Octubre de 2015 12:13


Both Bosch and Carriles were members, even leaders, of the Miami terror network and self-confessed terrorists, who planted a bomb on a Cubana Airline on the 6th October 1976, which exploded in Barbados, killing 73 people from Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Guyana.

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Mexican Government on Trial for Crimes against Humanity: New York City, September 25-27 2015 PDF Imprimir Correo
Escrito por International Tribunal of Conscience   
Jueves, 17 de Septiembre de 2015 13:31


The tribunal is dedicated to the commemoration of the first anniversary of the forced disappearance of 43 students from the Rural Teacher´s College of Ayotzinapa. Puerto Rico will be represented by Wilma E. Reverón Collazo, Co-President of Movimiento Independentista Nacional Hostosiano.


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